The Origin Of Cultural Martial Arts

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Culture and religion are the foundation of martial arts practicing. It promotes self discipline and self-defense or protection. The practicing techniques come from different origins. Each region or country has their own version of martial arts. For those who have collective points, we call them mix martial arts. This collective trend has made the discipline evolve into many kinds. However, there are still the significance of the origin of each art to traditionalists and historian.


Seemingly, there are three cultural based martial arts that are popular all over the world. Each of this has contributed much to those mixed and those that have evolved and existed. Popularly Asian countries have the biggest part. These are India, Japan, and Korea.


Traditionally, in the pre-Gupta there are accounts of combat using weapons and bare hands. This was believed to be the start of the Indian Martial Arts. In this country there are varieties of style in combat mainly using sword and crossbow. In some regions, they use other weapons which are not known in other countries. In the Dravidian discipline they use flexible blades in combat. Since there are a lot of foreign visitors in this country, their style was copied and improved.



In Japan, they call it budo, bujutsu, or bugie. The english translation for these are still martial arts since the practice literally instill discipline and respect in this field. Culturally, this is a way of life too for Japanese. It encompasses the physical and spiritual mind, moral dimension, and personal growth.

The Japanese way has many more styles, which are widely known throughout the country. However, to sum everything up, the most original and the start of this is found in the scripture of the Samurai history.



Korean martial arts are called hapkido, kuk sool won, taekwondo, and Tang soo do. This practice has existed for more than two thousand years. However, they have a long history that is not recorded in terms of their fighting skills. In the 1500s' when Korea asked for help from China, they are able to get influences from their fighting skills as well.


There are a lot more to know about the concept of martial arts. If you get to know the techniques in other continents, then it will be a fulfilling knowledge. This discipline should be practiced for our advantage of seeing life differently.


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The Origin Of Cultural Martial Arts

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This article was published on 2010/10/01