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With times, we have seen a tremendous increase in the rate of crime against women; this is further exaggerated by increasing incidents of eve teasing of serious nature. Considering all these, it is very essential for women to learn best martial art for self defense. Martial art is often called the training for self protection. It is also considered a means for physical fitness as well as the development of mental and spiritual self of a person.

When it comes to women, martial art is a self defense training for women often called as the weaker sections. In fact, martial art has special significance for women in all forms. But yes, there is no doubt that it is important for women to learn the best martial art for self defense. Many countries these days are encouraging free self defense training for women. These trainings should be made mandatory for girls beginning from teenage.

In fact the best age for learning the best martial art for self defense is when one is young around 4-5 years. This ensures better hands on the skills and techniques, by the time one grows up. The growing awareness of self defense training for women has also resulted in the inclusion of martial art in the sports curriculum of many schools.

Involvement of women in martial arts has led them to live a life of self respect and dignity. Apart from self defense training for women, martial arts in many parts of Asia also concentrate on the benefits of martial arts in medicinal practices. In fact in many parts of the world, martial art is also associated with religion and spirituality. Many times in some tribal forms, the martial arts steps are also used in the dance settings.
In olden times, martial art steps were used in battle preparation. Many a times, best martial arts for self defense is also linked with sports. Some examples are judo, kickboxing, karate, kung fu etc.

But all the above forms of martial arts should be practiced carefully under the supervision of a practiced martial art trainer. Lack of awareness of the steps of martial arts and its movements can cause muscle sprain or even serious injury to the trainee. In fact many self defense training for women institutes also prefer a complete medical report of the trainee, to ensure sound health of the trainee at the time of joining.


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Self Defense and Training

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This article was published on 2012/03/06