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There are dozens of martial arts all over the world. Almost every culture has produced a system of self-defense thats been passed down from generation to generation. Some people may be reluctant to visit their local dojo because of false assumptions about the practice, while others are intimidated or have negative pre-conceived notions about martial arts. Here are five ways martial arts can give you a happier and more fulfilling life.

Self Defense

This is the most obvious benefit that martial arts can give you. All of them, from karate and judo, to muay thai to jiu jitsu, and even tai chi, were originally conceived to help ancient warriors fight better and live longer. While six months of training wont turn you into Bruce Lee, it may give you the edge you need to survive, should you find yourself in a dangerous situation.


Martial arts instill discipline in every participant who progresses from the novice stage. Learning and practicing various movements take plenty of time and effort, requiring dedication and discipline. Its simply impossible to get better without the self-discipline needed to advance. This is a character trait that becomes intrinsic after sufficient time has passed. It carries over to other aspects of your life, like the work place or your family, where self-discipline can help you excel.

Stress Relief

The fast pace of the modern world has produced multiple sources of stress that our parents never had to deal with. Stress related illnesses are legion and everyone can use some relief in their lives. Martial arts can be used as an effective alternative health option to deal with stress.
It gives us a comfortable and legal setting where we can release the days frustrations safely.


As you spend time on your individual journey in the world of martial arts, you hit milestones, accomplishments and experiences that you are invariably proud of giving you a better view of yourself. This healthy dose of self-confidence will also show through other aspects of your life. It is a proven alternative health remedy for treating low self-esteem among many people around the world.


Martial arts are a superb source of aerobic as well as anaerobic exercise. Sparring, doing forms, and strengthening routines are effective alternative health activities designed to get you sweating and your heart pumping.
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Benefits Of Martial Arts

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This article was published on 2011/01/12